Weapon table 2Edit

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Name Rarity Damage Description
Hatchet - Medium-High A big axe
Baton Semi Rare Low Pushes attacker back, preventing damage. Higher Disarm ratio .
Bumps Rare High a club that delievers massive damage.
Broadsword Medium a common short sword.
Coffee Cup upgrade to Shuriken, Block ratio lowers
Frying Pan Rare. moderate to very high damage.
Fan Rare Low Attacks multiple times and returns to attack a lot
Scourge Very Rare Very-High A flail which does damage somewhere around Strength x 10, usually slightly higher.
Hatchet Medium a small axe, medium damage. High damge when thrown.
Keyboard Rare Medium rare, medium damage, hard to Disarm and Steal.
Knife Low common, fast, low to medium damage, ratio to keep attacking/ return to attack highest. attacks around 4 times
Iron Mace
Lance Semi Rare Medium-Low keeps your enemies at a distance, higher damage than baton.
Leek Semi Rare - A simple stalk of leek. low to moderate damage, fast hitting.
Mammoth's Bone - massive damage, slow, enemy agility ratio makes it hard to hit enemies as often.
Ninja Stars Semi Rare Low Quite Common . Multiple attacks ( 6 or more at low damage 5-7) . Number of attacks may depend on Speed or Agility) .
Sword Very Rare High Better thand the broadsword and scimitar.
Sabre - Medium Looks like a crowbar, damage ratio from low to high ( Broadsword, Scimitar, Longsword).
Sai Semi Rare Medium-Low Small damage increase over the knife , but attacks less times
Trombone - - rare, moderately high damage.
Tennis Racket Rare, seems to be very fast, and can Block, but does low damage.
Trident distance keeping weapon. damage ratio from low to high (Baton - Lance - Trident).
Whip Medium-Low semi rare. distance keeping weapon. very high Disarm ratio.
Stone Hammer - Medium High chance to disarm